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How to Improve Work Efficiently at Home?

How to Improve Work Efficiently at Home?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, some people made the switch to a home office. However, it is hard to keep a normal schedule and maintain a balance between work and life when working at home. Today, I will tell you how to utilize Lumiman smart bulbs in improving working efficiency.

Set a schedule to wake up on time
It's easy to nap when your commute is reduced to the distance between your bed and the living room. To make sure you get up on time, create a wake-up call in the PlusMinus app. Lumiman voice activated light bulb timer function enables the smart bulb to power on and off automatically. Add the time setting for sunset/sunrise to that and you can have a schedule to make the bulb lighting gradually from what the color/brightness you like when you wake up or go to sleep. Don’t worry about waking up anymore.
Create a designated workspace
If you can't fill your workspace with sunlight, LEDs are a good alternative. You may be familiar with LEDs because of their energy efficiency, but did you know they are also good at imitating natural light? People who work under LED lighting perform better in terms of vision and cognition than those who work under fluorescent lights. That's one of the reasons they're perfect for offices. You can use Lumiman smart LED bulbs to help create an eye-friendly lighting experience.

For fun and relax
When your home has also become your office, continuing past the end of the workday is a common occurrence. At that time, you may need some fun to have your brain relaxed. Open PlusMinus and set movie lights effects, experience themed movie nights at home!



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