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Pick the Best Lighting for Your Room

Pick the Best Lighting for Your Room

When talking about bedrooms, we may first think of sleeping. However, it’s also a space for dressing and reading.

What is LED light? How about Smart LED bulbs?

What is LED light
The biggest advantage of LED light is energy-saving and environmental protection. The luminous efficiency of the light is more than 100 lumens/watt, the average incandescent lamp can only reach 40 lumens/watt, and the energy-saving lamp is around 70 lumens/watt. So, with the same wattage, the LED lamp will be much brighter than the incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. The brightness of one watt LED lamp is equivalent to about two watts of the energy-saving lamps. The power consumption of a five-watt LED lamp in 1000 hours is 5 degrees. The life of an LED lamp can reach 50000 hours, and the LED lamp has no radiation.


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