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Using Lights to Liven Up Dinner Time

Using Lights to Liven Up Dinner Time

Since the break out of Convid-19, more and more people choose to have dinner at home. Dinnertime can quickly become quite the chore, especially if you’re the one cooking. Here are some tips that will/might help you make dinnertime a fun treat for everyone at home.

Want to have a picnic inside?
Bring the outside in with light! Lumiman voice activated light bulb helps you achieve this dream when you can’t have your picnic outside. Just choose a light scene in the PlusMinus app that mimics nature.

Want different scenes every night?
Create scenes to match the meal of the day or create the scene according to your moods. Like red and orange for pasta. You can also set a schedule for the kids to remind them it’s dinner time.

Cook together under warm light
You can let your kids or husband join you, allowing them to choose the ingredients and cooking method. Imagine your family cook with you under the warm and colorful smart lights voice activated, that would be the happiest thing in the world.



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