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Best Smart LED Light Bulbs that Work with Google Home, Alexa, Echo Dot in 2022

Best Smart LED Light Bulbs that Work with Google Home, Alexa, Echo Dot in 2020-LUMIMAN

Just with a single Wi-Fi smart bulb (and maybe a little help from Alexa, google home or echo dot), you can brighten up a drab and dim living room. Smart lighting truly is an awesome creation for any home which can be customized to adapt and change with your lifestyle.

It can be said that the simplest method of home intelligence is to use smart light bulbs. All you need to do is unscrew the existing traditional bulb, replace it with a smart bulb, download the application, connect and voila! You can control the light bulb through your phone or voice. There are many smart bulbs there, but when it comes to simplicity and reasonable price, the LUMIMAN smart bulb is a good choice because it has built-in Wi-Fi modules, so it does not need a separate hub, can be used with all major voice control platforms and also can also display up to 16 million colors.

There are many smart bulb on market, such as GE LED smart bulb , Philip Smart Wi-Fi LED lighting and etc,. Today, I’m not going to talk about those well known smart bulb brands. I’d like to introduce you a Niche smart bulb - LUMIMAN Alexa compatible color-changing light bulbs.

LUMIMAN Wifi Color Changing Smart LED Light Bulbs Voice Control A19 E26 2 Pack

According to several online customers who praised their bright light and vivid colors, these inexpensive automated light bulbs are a good Philips Hue alternative. Many reviewers advise using Smart Life, a third-party app, to control these light bulbs (because the recommended app doesn't work well with Alexa or Google Home).

When it comes to simplicity of use and affordable pricing, you can't go wrong with this handy light bulb. It can display up to 16 million colors, including both warm and cool whites. Because it has built-in Wi-Fi moudles, you don't need a separate hub, making it easy to set up.

LUMIMAN Alexa dimmable light bulb can be controlled via the Plusminus App as well as by voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit with a compatible smart speaker.

LUMIMAN smart bulb for echo dot/Alexa/Google home pros:
VOICE CONTROL - LUMIMAN Smart bulb no hub compatible with Alexa Echo (via PlusMinus skill), Echo dot and Google Home Assistant, control the wifi bulb via your voice, No hub required. (e.g. ‘Alexa, set the bedroom to purple’)

REMOTE CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE - With the free PlusMinus App on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn on/off the Alexa enabled smart light bulbs whether you are at home or away.

MULTICOLOR AND SCHEDULE FEATURE - Create your favorite light effects with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable. You may also set up schedules to turn on/off according to the pre-set time.

WIDE APPLICATION - You can set different light modes on PlusMinus App to match various occasions including kitchen, living room, bedroom. Wifi led smart light bulb also can be used for table lamp, cafe, bar, party, etc.

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