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What is LED light? How about Smart LED bulbs?

What is LED light
The biggest advantage of LED light is energy-saving and environmental protection. The luminous efficiency of the light is more than 100 lumens/watt, the average incandescent lamp can only reach 40 lumens/watt, and the energy-saving lamp is around 70 lumens/watt. So, with the same wattage, the LED lamp will be much brighter than the incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. The brightness of one watt LED lamp is equivalent to about two watts of the energy-saving lamps. The power consumption of a five-watt LED lamp in 1000 hours is 5 degrees. The life of an LED lamp can reach 50000 hours, and the LED lamp has no radiation.

Hubless Smart Light Bulbs You Must Have One

Hubless Smart Light Bulbs You Must Have One
If most of your lighting is on the ceiling and controlled by switches on the wall, you'd better use smart light bulbs. That's because a smart light bulb can be controlled via voice control assistant or app.


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