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How to Light A Room with LED Bulbs?

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Lighting is very important for the living room. Regarding the overall lighting of the living room, Lumiman will share some ideas with you.

Smart bulbs can adjust brightness. Even in a well-lit living room, lighting may be necessary if the weather is bad. In addition, comfortable brightness is different during the day and night. For example, when people gather together or work, the brightness should be appropriately increased, while the brightness is appropriately decreased when watching a movie. Different life scenarios require different brightness. In addition, even if you do not use lighting fixtures, you can also change the brightness by opening and closing curtains and partitions. Lumiman smart light bulbs can be controlled by the PlusMinus App which enables you to adapt the brightness according to your need.

Brightness is not enough
① If the wall and ceiling are painted white, the light will be reflected and the entire room will become brighter. When the curtains and partitions are closed, space is brightened by reflecting a lot of light.
②It is also fun to use a combination of floor lamps and wall lamps as needed without overall lighting
③In fact, a slightly darker night lighting can make people feel calm. Do not rely on ceiling lights (ceiling lighting). If you give up the ceiling light, you can avoid unnecessary lighting and achieve energy-saving effects.

Lighting installation location
In the design of home improvement space, we usually install lighting fixtures in the center of the house. Many houses use ceiling lamps and the ceiling lights are only for overall lighting, and often no one will stay under the brightest place. Therefore, the overall impression of the room becomes darker. Thus, the lighting fixtures should be scattered and installed in the places where people usually stay, so as to create soft reflected light ambiance and achieve the effect of energy-saving.

In order to avoid shadows on the face when looking in the mirror, it is better to illuminate the light from the front of the face. And the lime light source will be more suitable. Installing two smart light bulbs is enough.

Choose the right light
If you want to increase the brightness, you can use a few small light bulbs together.

Lumiman smart light bulbs sync with music

In-home decoration, the most important thing is the size of the lighting fixtures. Many small lighting fixtures have limited luminous intensity, so if you want enough brightness in a living room with a large ceiling area, several bulbs used together to ensure the brightness of the lighting. Lumiman smart light bulbs can be group together to achieve turn on / off at the same time. Isn’t it convenient?

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