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LUMIMAN B22 Smart Alexa LED Bulb

LUMIMAN B22 Smart Alexa LED Bulb

This full-colour 7.5W hub free smart bulb can be used with its own ‘PlusMinus’ app or with Alexa/Google Home for full voice control. Of course, for this to work you will need an Amazon Echo or Google Home device but even without it, you can still fully control the bulb through wifi. Unlike many rivals, these use the standard UK B22 bayonet fitting.

In the box is the bulb together with a small but well-written User Guide. Build quality seems fine with nothing likely to break as modern plastic LED bulbs are so much more robust than the old type.

To use a bulb first download the PlusMinus app. This app works with a wide range of smart devices and is not used with the bulb alone. After installation to your 2.4Ghz Wifi connected smartphone follow the in-app instructions to add a new device. The procedure is simple enough and is well explained in the app. Plug the bulb in and it will flash repeatedly to show it is in Setup mode. Input your wifi password into the app and this is then sent to the bulb’s built-in wifi connection. Should setup fail the bulb can also be configured through the slightly more involved AP mode method, again with a step by step app guide. The bulb will then automatically connect to your home wifi as long as the power supply to it is connected. Once connected just follow the in-app instructions to add the connected skill to Amazon Alexa or Google and the bulb will be automatically recognised and can be controlled by voice alone.

Remember not to turn the bulb off at the socket, but always through the app or Alexa/Google. What happens when the wifi is off, you may ask? Well, it can still work as a normal bulb and can be switched off and on from the power socket or lamp switch. Also, remember to configure the bulbs when your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi network, not 5Ghz although once the bulbs are added to the network both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz can be used.

Once online and registered with the app you can then turn the bulb off and on, engage a range of preset lighting patterns as well as manually selecting the colour and brightness you want. Once the Alexa/Google skill has been enabled and the bulb named and recognised you can then perform most functions just by voice alone. You can turn it Off and On, vary the brightness, and select colours.

The LUMIMAN B22 Smart Alexa LED Bulb works well and once installed could not be easier to use. The price and build quality are excellent and if you need an introduction to the Smart Home then this set would be a fine choice.

The Good
Good Price
No hub needed
Alexa/Google voice commands
Good User Guide
Easy to configure
Standard UK Bayonet Fitting

The Bad
Limited usability when wifi is down


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