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smart light strip

Application and Selection of LED Strip Light

Where is the light strip generally used? They can be used as indirect light sources on the ceiling, as supplementary light sources in the cabinets, or as decorative light sources. So should low-voltage or high-voltage light strips be used in these places? Today I will introduce the characteristics of these two light strips for everyone to choose from.

High-voltage light strips

High-voltage light strips

Regardless of low-voltage or high-voltage light strips, converters or transformers are generally used to provide power to the light strips. The difference is that high-voltage light strips’ output voltage is 220V and the low-voltage light strips are below 36V, which is the safe voltage. In terms of appearance, low-voltage light strips need to change from high-voltage to low-voltage, so the converter is relatively larger in size.


smart light strip

Low-voltage light strips

Generally, the back sheet of low-voltage light strips is relatively thin and has no stretch-ability. The overall length is limited, usually, 5 meters, while the length of high-voltage light strips is longer and the maximum length is 100 meters. Therefore, if the decorative surface is relatively long, high-voltage light strips should be preferred, such as floodlight ceilings, with a circle of more than 20 meters.

Regardless of whether the low-voltage light belt or the high-voltage light belt, there are cutting points. After cutting from the cutting point, add a transformer or high-voltage connector, you can get a separate light strip. The cutting point of low-voltage light strips is generally 5-10cm, while the high-voltage light strip is generally 1 meter, so the low-voltage light strip is more flexible for general use.

What should we pay attention to when using it? And in what scenarios should I choose a low-voltage light strip? Try to use low-voltage light strips for wading places. Like the supplementary light source under the kitchen wall cabinet, and the sink mirror.

Lumiman smart led strip has many advanced features such as time schedule, voice control, syn to music, which offers many conveniences for your daily life.

No matter where the light strip is applied, power supply, energy-saving, hidden transformers, etc. must be considered in advance.



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