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Hubless Smart Light Bulbs You Must Have One

Hubless Smart Light Bulbs You Must Have One
If most of your lighting is on the ceiling and controlled by switches on the wall, you'd better use smart light bulbs. That's because a smart light bulb can be controlled via voice control assistant or app.

Best Smart Bulbs No Hub Brighten Up You Home

LUMIMAN smart bulbs dancing with music
There are many advantages in replacing traditional light bulbs with smart ones. When you pair the light bulb with homekit or Google home, you can use voice assistant Siri or Google home or echo dot assistant voice control to dim the brightness of the light bulb or switch the light bulb with just one mouth. You can also set the "situation" by combining multiple light bulbs, such as setting a "movie situation" and turning off the main light on the ceiling at the same time, and dimming other lights around, so as to create a comfortable movie atmosphere with one command.


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