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Best Smart Bulbs No Hub Brighten Up You Home

Best Smart Bulbs No Hub Brighten Up You Home-LUMIMAN

Why do you need a smart light bulb?
There are many advantages to replacing traditional light bulbs with smart ones. When you pair the light bulb with HomeKit (Which HomeKit?) or Google home, you can use digital assistants such as Siri, Google Home, or Alexa to dim the brightness of the light bulb or switch the light bulb. You can also set the "situation"(scene, mood) by combining multiple light bulbs. For example, setting a "movie situation" that will turn off the main light on the ceiling at the same time dimming other lights around, so as to create a comfortable movie atmosphere with one command.

Another reason to have a smart light bulb is that it can make your home more automatic so that you don't even need to use a mobile interface. You can set the light bulb to turn off when you go out in the morning, so as to avoid unnecessary power consumption when you forget to turn off the light. Of course, there are other applications, such as smart sensors. When the door is opened, the light bulb in the porch (door and window sensors) will be turned on, or when someone in the kitchen is detected, the light bulb will be kept on (mobile sensors).

… or when someone is detected in the kitchen, the light bulb will b...

The smart light bulb also has the effect of entertainment, improving visual enjoyment at home. Choose the color light smart bulb to change the light color at will. You can adjust the different light atmosphere according to the use situation, such as watching TV with dark blue light, reading books with the cool white light. 

Need to use it with the gateway?
Due to the transmission agreement, some smart bulbs cannot be used directly when they buy them. They also need a hardware device called a "gateway" to connect the signal of the bulb to the home network and use the mobile phone to operate it smoothly. The ZigBee or Z-Wave protocol is used for this kind of light bulb, so it is impossible to communicate with the mobile phone directly, so a "gateway" is needed to help with signal conversion. If a "gateway" is used, the smart light bulb will have a more stable connection and a larger signal range, so the connection of the light bulb is more stable.

Some smart light bulbs use Wi-Fi transmission protocol, which does not need extra hardware for signal conversion. After the purchased light bulb is installed, hubless smart bulbs can be directly set by using the mobile phone, connected to the home network, and controlled by the mobile phone or smart speaker. Even some bulbs use Bluetooth to communicate directly with mobile phones. The advantage of not using the "gateway" is that the setting of the no-hub smart bulb is more convenient, and you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy it. If the number of smart light bulbs used at home is not large, it will be easier to buy Wi-Fi light bulbs no hub.

Is best no hub smart bulb expensive?
You may be shocked by the fact that a color light Philips hue bulb costs more than $80, but in fact, you have other affordable brands to choose from, such as LUMIMAN hubless smart bulbs, which cost less than half of the price of Philips hue. You can buy four bulbs at a time, and the best no hub smart bulb- LUMIMAN Wifi Color Changing Smart LED Light Bulbs Voice Control A19 E26 2/4 Pack is more favorable.

LUMIMAN Wifi Color Changing Smart LED Light Bulbs Voice Control A19 E26 4 Pack

How to choose the right smart light bulb no hub?
According to the requirements of their use and the specification problems encountered during installation, it is necessary to consider the bulb color, maximum brightness, base specification, bulb size, working voltage, and so on. If you want to use it with other smart home accessories, you need to further consider the supported third-party smart home platforms. The following will paragraphs will give detailed explanations of the features mentioned above respectively.

Color: most manufacturers have three kinds of light bulbs: warm white light bulb, white light bulb, and color-changing light bulb. You can change the color at will, or change the color among warm yellow, warm white, and cold white light. Color light bulb no hub looks more cool and beautiful, but in fact, color-changing light bulb is more expensive.

Maximum brightness: the maximum brightness of the bulb will also affect the visual experience. If the room space is large but the brightness of the bulb is not enough, it may cause unnecessary problems. Brightness is measured by "lumen". The larger the lumen, the brighter the bulb. LUMIMAN smart light bulbs can almost adjust the brightness, if you think the light is too bright, just adjust the bulb to the maximum brightness of only 50%.

Base specification size: when the bulb is installed on the bulb holder, it has its corresponding thread size. Most bulbs adopt E26 or E27 specifications, and a few will use E12 and E14 specifications. There are also bulbs powered by a two-pin connector, the most common being the GU10 specification. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to confirm the base specification of the home light bulb. Also, the overall size of the bulb should be noted to avoid that the smart bulb is too likely to get stuck in the lampshade and cannot be installed. Most of the bulbs are A19, but br30 is also a common style.

Light bulb base specifications: in Europe and the Chinese mainland, the size of the base commonly used is standard E27 and trumpet E14, while in the United States and Japan, the general size is standard E26 and trumpet E12. Pay attention to the depth of the base. Sometimes, if the spiral of the bulb is not long enough, the electrode of the bulb holder will not be contacted, resulting in no power on.

Working voltage: the working voltage should be consistent with the power consumption of your area. For example, the working voltage in the United States is 110V.

Third-party support: if you want to control the light bulb through the smart speaker or use it with other smart devices, you need to pay attention to the smart home ecosystem supported by the brand, such as the apple home kit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. If we want to build a complete smart home, we should try to make all smart devices to join the same smart home platform.


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