How to add smart string lights

LUMIMAN Smart String Lights has features as controlled by App, change color and scene, Music sync, Alexa&Google& Siri voice contorl.

To connect string lights please follow the steps:


Please download "PlusMinus" from App Store, Google Play or our website(

2.Register&Loginyour PlusMinus account Fill in necessary information to have access to your account.

3.Add the device

Ⅰ. Press and hold ON/OFF button for 5 seconds until lights are fast blinking in red.

Ⅱ. Open the App and click Add Device" at upper right corner and choose the type "Lighting".

Ⅲ.Make sure your phone is connected with 24Ghz WiFi end fill in the password; click "NEXT", pairing process gets start.

Follow the how to video to get more informations:


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