Why is my device unresponsive in Alexa and Google Home?

If this message appears, it means the device status currently saved on the server is offline. It is recommended that you switch your phone's network to cellular data and enter the device's app (non-Alexa app) to view the device's status. If you find the device is actually offline, follow the instructions given here to bring it back online.


If a device is offline it means the device is not connected to the Internet. Please note the following:

1. Please confirm whether the device is powered on. There is build-in WiFi module inside the device, it needs power to remain connected to the WiFi router.

2.Please confirm whether the device or the network has been cut off . If so, there is a process to go online. Please check whether it is online after 2 minutes.

3. Please confirm the network is stable.(Check methods: put the phone besides your device and make sure they’re in the same network environment, try to open a website to check if the network is working) . Metal shades or walls may block the WiFi signal.

4. Please make sure the home WiFi network is working well, or whether the WiFi name, password, etc have been modified. If so, you need to reset the device and add it again.

5. Please confirm whether the number of devices connected to the WiFi router hasn't reached the maximum capacity allowed by the router. The conventional WiFi router can connect 15-25 WiFi devices, including the mobile phones, PCs, smart WiFi devices etc. 

6. Please try to reboot the router and wait 3 minutes and observe the status of the device.

You can try to connect device again after checked all issues. 

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