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When changing the password, please check whether the first letter of email address is written in caps or not. The email address is case sensitive please make sure that it is exactly the same as the one you used to register your PlusMinus account.
You can share control of your devices to other PlusMinus users
To share asingle device:
1. On the device controlpage, tap the ""..."" in the top right corner to access the device settingspage.
2. Choose ""Device Sharing"" and click ""Add Share Members"", enter the email address of your family members, and tapComplete.
3. Please make sure that the sharedemail account is in the same region as your account.
To shareall devices in a home: 
1. Access the app homepageand click the home icon on the top left of the page and click ""Home Management"".
2. Select the home you would like to share, then click ""Add Member"" and enter the family members or friends email address, so that they can operate all the  devices in the home. You do not need to share devices individually if you share the home this way.
This isbecause you haven't allowed the app to use your location data.  You needto go to your phone's setting and set this permission. Please follow theinstructions given below:
1. Go toSettings
2. Select"PlusMinus"
3. Open "Location" and select "While Using the App".
If youstill have this issue after this please contact our customer service.
For a light bulb, when the power grid is off, it will be the same as though you have cut the power from the wall switch. The light bulb will be off until the power grid is back on. When the power grid is back on, the light bulb will turn on (even if it was turned off via the app) as long as the wall switch was left in the "on position". 
You can trigger an automation created in PlusMinus app using Alexa or Google Home. Follow the instructions s below:
1. Tap the "+" at the top right corner of the app and select "Add Automation".
2. Enter the name of the automation and select the background color.
3. Under the "When" clause select "Trigger Manually"-> "By Alexa and Google Home" and tap "Save" at the top right corner of your screen. 
4. Select the devices you want to control under the ""Then"" and then tap ""Save"" at the top right corner of your screen.
5. a. Trigger the automation in Alexa by saying the following command, "Alexa, turn on ".
5.b. Trigger the automation in Google Home by saying the following command, "OK Google, Turn on ".
Apologies forthe inconvenience, this is server loading issue. The devices are still linkedto your account. Kindly click the home icon on the top left of the page and select your home. If the issue persists please contact our customer service for further assistance.
The conditions to share devices to new members are:
1. Only the account that has devices connected to the App, is allowed to share to multiple accounts;
2. The shared accounts should be registered in the same country as the account sharing the device.
This smart light bulb canwork with all the ordinary ON/OFF lamp, but not the 3-way switch.
The socket is different,there is a short-circuit risk if you use an ordinary bulb. You can easily changethe socket to an ordinary ON/OFF socket to use our smart light bulb.
Then you can also dim itvia app or by your voice via Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home."
Please purchase two packs of light strip.
Add both light strip in the App.
Create a group for light strip and you can control them together.
Please check if your timezone is set correctly in the profile settings.
If it is correct, please try to remove thedevice and connect it again to the app, then set another schedule to check."
Smart light bulb can beused for porch light, but it is not completely sealed, so it is not waterproof,can not work outdoor without a housing or cover.

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