5 Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen

5 Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen-LUMIMAN

Ceiling lamps are commonly used in the kitchen. Recessed downlights are used as local lighting and are generally installed in the ceiling of the kitchen without affecting the aesthetics of the chandelier; cabinet lights are used as Special lamps for cabinets, lamps with different shapes and functions can be designed according to the cabinets.
Every kitchen needs lamps and lanterns. It is not only used for lighting but also affects the convenience of cooking. There are many lamps and lanterns on the market. What kind of lamps do you usually use in the kitchen? Let's have a look.
1. Kitchen main light-ceiling light
Ceiling lamps are commonly used lamps in the kitchen, which are generally placed in the middle of the kitchen to serve as the main light. There are many shapes of ceiling lamps, such as square cover, round ball, flat point, half-round ball, rectangular cover, and so on.

Kitchen main light-ceiling light

2. Local lighting-embedded downlight
Recessed downlights are used as local lighting and are generally installed in the ceiling of the kitchen. They will not affect the aesthetics of the chandelier and have good privacy. The light projection under the line belongs to direct light distribution. The downlight can be installed on the edge of the kitchen, and the light is directed to a certain part, making the whole kitchen soft and warm.

Local lighting-embedded downlight

3. Cabinet lights-illuminate the cabinets
As a special lamp for cabinets, cabinet lamps can be designed with different shapes and functions according to the cabinets. Cabinet lamps have evolved from halogen light sources to fluorescent light sources. Today, cabinet lamps have generally used LED light sources, which meet energy saving, environmental protection, and safety requirements. Lumiman smart LED strip is compatible with voice control assistants and also can be controlled via an app is a good choice. Besides, it has 16 million colors for choice and you can make a great ambiance when cooking. Also, it syncs with music, adding a stunning visual and auditory experience.

Cabinet lights-illuminate the cabinets

4. The main light in large space-grille light
Grille lamps are commonly used lamps in large kitchens. The light source is a fluorescent tube and embedded in the ceiling. The lamps can be divided into concealed installed and exposed installed two kinds. The lamps’ chassis adopts a high-quality cold-rolled plate, and the surface adopts a phosphating spray process, which is not easy to wear and fade. Also, it can effectively increase the beauty of the overall kitchen. Grille lights are generally used in larger kitchens in villas, while ordinary family kitchens are not suitable.

The main light in large space-grille light

In general, the frequency of use in the kitchen is relatively high, and the choice of lighting is very important. Just a single lamp that can meet our needs and we should install the lamps according to the characteristics of the place where they are used. In addition to the above lamps, we must pay special attention to whether the lamps have waterproof and moisture-proof functions when purchasing, so as to ensure their service life and facilitate our future use.


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