6 Tips for Staying Well While Staying Home

6 Tips for Staying Well While Staying Home-LUMIMAN

1. Keep moving
The gym is closed, but you still can do some exercise at home. With a little technology and some focus, you can download some apps to help you keep fit. Keep moving, avoid being a sofa potato. 

2. Try some yoga. 
The rhythmic breathing and the stretching not only ease your body, but also help clear your mind too. Try some yoga, it will help your health mentally and physically. At this time, you can use a smart light bulb to create a comfortable visual scene, which will greatly improve your exercise experience.


3. Eat well. 
It’s easy to eat junk food or snacks when we stay at home. However, it's not a healthy lifestyle. Since we have a lot of time at home, it's better to try some new recipes. Having a romantic dinner with your partner is really a luxury. Lumiman smart light bulb with 16 million colors for choice will definitely satisfy your lighting experience and help set the mood.

eat well

4. Stick to a Schedule
Staying home can throw a wrench in your usual schedule, but you can still create a routine that works for what’s happening in your life now. Lumiman smart bulb with timer function will help you keep the same waking and sleeping hours as usual. Fade in/out transition light effects gradually reduce the interference for your eyes while adjusting to the light.

5. Keep in Touch
Without seeing your usual work cohort or weekend brunch crew, you might be starting to feel a little lonely.
You might feel lonely without seeing your friends and colleagues. Why not trying to call or have a video chat with friends and colleagues. Even if it’s just a three-minute conversation that will still helpful.

6. Reading some books
Limit yourself to reading the books twice a day and set a timer for 30 minutes. Read some books rather than scrolling endlessly through Facebook or your News app feed.


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