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Best Color-Changing Smart Bulbs LUMIMAN Build A Perfect Smart Home Life

Best Color-Changing Smart Bulbs LUMIMAN Build A Perfect Smart Home Life-LUMIMAN

Want to start a party? Still, wonder how to set off the atmosphere? No matter at home or outdoors, as long as you choose the right equipment, the arrangement will be half done. LED color smart light not only has a fashionable appearance but also has the function of intelligent lighting.

How convenient is the smart home now? We spend more than 10 hours every day on 3C products, staring at computer screens, sliding mobile phones, watching TV, playing video games, lying flat on the sofa or in bed. It’s hard to get up to turn on/turn off the lights. Staying in an uncomfortable lighting environment for a long time may cause great damage to our eyes. Fortunately, IoT technology is very powerful now. Besides the intelligent lighting system, the light bulb also has an intelligent lighting system with the help of Google, Siri voice assistant, and remote control. Here I’d like to introduce a beautiful and efficient best color changing light bulb LUMIMAN intelligent lighting bulbs. With a variety of lighting effects brought by 16 million colors, each scene in the home can have a different visual atmosphere at any time.

LUMIMAN does not only use the exclusive PlusMinus app for light bulb control. It is also compatible with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa digital assistants. LUMIMAN smart light bulb is equipped with a complete intelligent lighting system, with intelligent functions such as the timer, notification, alarm clock lighting, etc. You can command LUMIMAN best smart home light bulbs as long as you can move your mouth. It's not just for home lighting. With 16 million colors at your disposal, you can create your favorite lighting effects for parties, office spaces, and meditation spaces. 

led color smart light party scene

If you want to relax and settle down, you can choose comfortable warm lighting, and let the tight nerves pass through the tranquil and healing lighting, removing the exhaustion of the day. On the other hand, if you want to catch up on your reading, the brightness of the light bulb can be adjusted to suit the needs of your eyes at any time. All these adjustments along with others can be made through an exclusive app.


Does the light source in your home make your eyes uncomfortable? Compared with the traditional single white light source and yellow light source, where the light is often too bright or too dark. The LUMIMAN best color-changing smart bulbs have a brightness reaching 800 lumens and can be changed by adjusting 16 million colors depending on your mood. It can provide the most comfortable and healthy light source for the environment in your home with efficient lighting and achieve the goal of people-oriented lighting.

Download Plusminus App from IOS or Android app store and have the smart bulb connected with mobile app via Wi-fi.

After the pairing is successful, you can see that there are different settings for the scenes. You can also set your favorite scenes. Open the palette pattern and start to making your exclusive scenes.

Convenient installation: the installation mode is the same as the traditional bulb, as long as it is turned and locked.

It looks like a bright light, but it can change so many colors. LUMIMAN combines intelligence with aesthetics. Clear and bright light makes people feel energetic. Warm light makes people more relaxed and peaceful, adding more bright vitality to the home atmosphere.

LUMIMAN can also set functions such as light on/off time, alarm clock and timer for daily work and rest at home. For example, I have to slide my mobile phone every day when I go to sleep, but when I look at my mobile phone in the black, it hurts my eyes too much. The app can set a few lights to turn off, just like a little angel will help you turn off the light when you are asleep.


LUMIMAN Wifi Color changing LED smart bulb not only has the advantages of lumen and power saving but also takes the human-oriented lighting as the starting point. A variety of situational lighting modes can be adjusted according to mood, environment, and preference, changing the atmosphere at home at any time. The operation interface of the app is easy to understand. Here's the installation video.

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