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How to Install A Wifi Smart LED Bulb

How to Install A Wifi Smart LED Bulb-LUMIMAN

Now that there are many smart LED bulbs to choose from, and they come in an array of styles and specs to suit any smart home. There are three main ways to connect smart bulbs. Most of them are connected through the local Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connection of mobile phone, or ZigBee hub. Here I am going to introduce the first method. The following is my quick and easy guide to install a LUMIMAN Wi-Fi smart light bulb.

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There is plenty of great Wi-Fi dimmable LED color-changing smart bulbs on the market, they are all easy to install. Here I’d like to LUMIMAN Wi-Fi smart bulb installation steps.

1.Scan the QR code or download the “PlusMinus”App at

Plusminus QR

2. Register an account with your email in and login App
3. Add a device and select the Device Type;

add a smart bulb

4. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the installation.

in-app instructions
EZ configuration mode: Light bulb blinking 3 times
AP(hotspot) configuration mode: Light bulb blinking once every 3 seconds.
Note: LUMIMAN smart bulbs only can be set up on the 2.4GHz network.

5. Users can re-name or share the device after the Wi-Fi connection is finished.
Wi-Fi connection
If you want to know more installation details:

LUMIMAN Installation PDF

LUMIMAN set up video will also help you better understand installation steps:

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