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Smart Lighting Help Increase Your Work Efficiency

Smart Lighting Help Increase Your Work Efficiency-LUMIMAN

Nowadays, smart lighting is commonly used at home for convenience. When it comes to smart lighting in your home, imagine waking up in the morning to sunrise lights coming on gradually to ease you into your day. Besides personal use, it can also increase team efficiency in some aspects.

Smart Lighting In The Workplace
In general, most companies install energy-saving LED lights since it helps reduce power consumption. However, using intelligent lighting wisely can also increase productivity and make the team more efficient.

Methods to make your office a more centralized and efficient place by using smart lights.
1. Start with natural light.
2. Use programmable lighting to optimize brightness levels.
3. You can set different colors for different areas.
4. DIY lighting mode to match various lighting needs.

Start With Natural Light
As people spend 90% of their time indoors, just 15 minutes of natural light can release endorphin's in the brain, making them feel good. If they feel good, they may perform better at work.

Use Programmable Lighting To Optimize Brightness Levels
On a simple level, automatic lighting in the workplace can save time immediately, because workers do not have to change the brightness level often. Why not introduce a bright light to improve team efficiency? Human-centered illumination (HCl) satisfies the non-visual photoreceptors in the eyes.

HCl mimics the natural development of sunlight, based on your body's circadian rhythms. Even if you don't have enough natural light in your office, people-centered lighting is the best choice.

Whatever setting you choose, programmable brightness levels tailored to the task at hand can improve productivity.

Use Different Colors For Different Areas
The color of lighting is closely related to mood and performance. For example, red lights can calm people, while blue lights can help improve alertness and energy levels.

Most smart bulbs offer 16 million colors for you to choose from. If your offices have different areas that are task-specific, carve them up with different colored lights to suit each environment. While you might want bright white light for an important early morning meeting, your creative department team might benefit from a mix-up in coloring.

Customize Lighting To Fit Your Office
Finally, not all workspaces are created equal, so don’t be scared of customizing the lighting to fit.

If you use custom lighting for your workplace, your team will definitely be more efficient.

While automatic lighting is important, everyone is different and even age can bring about changes that you should consider. For example, a 45-year-old needs twice as much light as a 20-year-old to do similar tasks.

Whether at home or at work, the greatest beauty of intelligent lighting is that you can create a completely personalized environment, which is conducive to improving productivity and efficiency.

In the future, smart lighting can help you and your team to get even more done by working smarter not harder.


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