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Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween

Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween-LUMIMAN

Even though this year looks not quite the same as the past. We can still celebrate at home by creating some unique Halloween party themes. With the help of a smart light, we can create some wonderful festival scenes to have fun.

Create a spine-chilling effect for Halloween
To coordinate with the Halloween theme, we may want to create some scenes to add a scary ambiance. You can add a hair-raising, nightmarish, bone-chilling lighting effect by customizing the color palette. 

Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween

Throw away the common orange
When it comes to Halloween, the first color that comes into our mind is orange. Want to make this Halloween different? Try some different colors such as green and purple that look surprisingly scary glowing through windows. Lumiman smart light bulb with 16 million colors for choice.

Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween

Still not scary enough?
Customize the speed of effects to match the mood of your event. Or dim the light brightness to dark. Or decorate the light bulb with a pumpkin to create the coolest light effect. Lumiman smart bulb is dimmable, the brightness ranges from 0 to 6500k.

Experience “3D” horror movie at home
Control the led strip via Alexa, seat on the sofa, and choose a horror movie. The scary light syncs to the movie sound which will add fear and tension when watching. Lumiman smart led strip has a smart music mode with a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, thus the color of the light changes with the music beat or the microphone, creating the best atmosphere experience.

Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween

Having a Halloween dinner
Prepare a flourishing meal and then set the light color to orange and red, or throwing in a little strobe is a great way to mix it up. 

Smart Lighting Add More Fun to Halloween

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