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What are these Strip Lights Used for?

What are these Strip Lights Used for?-LUMIMAN

Light strip light performance:
Strong weather resistance
Able to be cut and extended
Long service life, about 11 years
Great softness
The light bulb and the passage are completely covered in flexible plastic, which has good insulation and waterproof functions and uses insurance.

Light Strip Residential Application
In the living room
It can be installed on the ceiling of the living room to deepen the ceiling space effect with light source rendering. The led strip light helps brighten the entire top space, making the vision have an upward extension feeling. Or it can be installed behind the TV wall in the living room, simple and beautiful. Make you feel the movie theatre atmosphere at home.

smart led strip in the living room

In the bedroom
LED smart light can be used as ambient lighting to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
The bedroom is a space for people to relax, recuperate, and rest. The light should not be too bright. Install the light strip in the gap between the head of the bed. The Lumiman light strip voice control enables you to control the light via voice and an app. The brightness is dimmable, and color can be set. You can create your favorite scene at your fingertips.

smart led strip in the bedroom

In the dining room
Smart led strip lights are more romantic than candlelight. When you have a meal, just active the light strip via your voice. The soft light slowly spreads out and the layering of the lighting makes the whole atmosphere emotional. The range illuminated by the light strip is wider than that of candlelight. The light can be adjusted not too bright, and the lights can also be set in a flash mode which will make the light shining like stars.

smart led strip in the dining room

In the aisle
It can beautify the space and make the aisle no longer monotonous. The light strip is soft, can be cut and connected. You can create various light shapes. It exudes its characteristics in the aisle, helping you create a dark and intertwined area, making the aisle a beautiful scenery at home.

smart led strip in the aisle

In the cloakroom
LED strip light can restore the color of clothes to the greatest extent. The cloakroom is the "ladies' holy land". Only with good lighting can you go out beautifully. As we all know, clothes show different colors under different lights. Install the light strip light in the cabinet, so you can clearly see the clothes you pick.

smart led strip in the cloakroom

Under the cabinet
It is a thoughtful little light that helps you not to smear the sugar as salt and the facial cleanser as toothpaste. The light strip exerts its great power under various cabinets, which can weaken the closed feeling of the space and broaden the vision.

smart led strip under the cabinet

Under the feet
Guard your safety, don't be afraid to get up at night. When waking up in deep sleep, people are in a state of chaos. Install the smart light strip under the bed, and it will light up spontaneously as long as you wake up Alexa. The light is gentle and not dazzling. Only slightly illuminates a small area of space, does not disturb the drowsiness in the brain that helps you quickly return to sleep after wake up.

It is also suitable for stairs, wall corners, and ground edges as auxiliary lighting to enhance visual perception.

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