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Let’s Have fun on Labor Day-LUMIMAN

Let’s Have fun on Labor Day

What does Labor Day really mean?
Americans celebrate Labor Day by reflecting on all the contributions everyday workers have made to society. The U.S. observes Labor Day 2020 on Monday, September 7 which is considered as a federal holiday. During this day, financial markets are closed and there is no mail delivery. Post offices and libraries are closed. Most retail businesses will remain open.

Who invented Labor Day?
In fact, the true founder of Labor Day has yet to be identified. Many credit Peter McGuire with the origination of Labor Day while others suggest that Matthew Maguire, a secretary of the Central Labor Union, who first proposed the holiday.

Why Labor day is popular?
Since we’ve contributed much time to work. We deserve the day off to have a rest. Furthermore, the Labor Day is widely considered to be the unofficial last day of summer. It's our last chance to grill some steaks and wear shorts.

What we can do on Labor Day?
Go outside and have a picnic with family
Grasp the last day of the summer. Going out to have close contact with nature. Have a picnic with the family may be a good choice.

have picnic with family

Shop online
It’s a good time to reward ourselves. There are many promotions on that day, you may buy your favorite products at a good price.

shop online

Watch a movie about labor unions
Staying home and watching TV is also a good choice. There are tons of union-themed movies to choose from. Lumiman RGB cool white and warm white smart bulb help to create your favorite light effects with 16 million colors, the brightness of every color is dimmable. You can also use smart lights to create a concert scene visual effect.

watch a movie



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