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Smart Home Gym Lighting Makes Better Exercise

Smart Home Gym Lighting Makes Better Exercise-LUMIMAN

Why do you need home gym lighting?
Why are you worried about the lighting in the gym at home? There are several good reasons to at least work on the lighting. What are these reasons? Let's have a look.

See where you are and what you’re doing
The basic reason you need lighting in your home gym is to be able to see where you are and what you are doing. See what weight you're holding on to and where you're stepping on it. You don't want to trip over a dumbbell that's out of control. Of course, you don't need too much light, but at least some.

Check your exercise form
It's important to be able to see all the small movements during the weightlifting process.
Sometimes, only a small mistake can indicate muscle imbalance, injury, or future injury. Enough light (and a mirror) allow you to see if your body parts are in the right position so you don't get hurt and make the most of your exercise.

If you're stretching, it's also important to see what you're doing. Bright light can help you prevent injury and see when something goes wrong.

Help see your progress
Everybody wants to see how they’re getting better. People who want to improve their physical fitness are happy to see the exercise fruits. Henceforth, home gym lighting helps you see your exercise process. If you find your stomach is growing too big, which motivates you to exercise and eat better.

Convert home gym into a good place to take photos and videos
If you are active in the fitness space on social media, you may like to take some pictures or videos to share the recent fitness process with others. Now, people are getting used to higher content qualities.

Good lighting helps to create quality content people want to watch. Commonly, people use tripods with big lights to get a better lighting experience. But in a home gym, they will be in the way.

If you plan on doing any of this in your home gym, get the lighting right from the beginning and integrate it into your gym properly so your videos require much less setup time and effort.

Tips for choosing the right gym lighting
It should not produce a lot of heat
It should be energy efficient
It should be with lightweight
It should be bright enough
The right color temperature: around 5000K
Can make your gym look more inviting

Voice-activated light bulb
Most of the smart light bulbs voice-activated are LED bulbs. The smart lighting can be turned on/off and dimmed through an app or voice control assistants such as Alexa, google home.

The benefit of smart lighting is the options it brings. You can choose to let it turn on and off through an app schedule setting so you won’t waste any electricity by forgetting to turn off the light. Voice control lights also allow you to control lights more conveniently. You can also DIY scene mode to create different gym atmosphere and visual effects.


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