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What is LED light? How about Smart LED bulbs?

What is LED light? How about Smart LED bulbs?-LUMIMAN

The biggest advantage of LED light is energy-saving and environmental protection. The luminous efficiency of the light is more than 100 lumens/watt, the average incandescent lamp can only reach 40 lumens/watt, and the energy-saving lamp is around 70 lumens/watt. So, with the same wattage, the LED lamp will be much brighter than the incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. The brightness of one watt LED lamp is equivalent to about two watts of the energy-saving lamps. The power consumption of a five-watt LED lamp in 1000 hours is 5 degrees. The life of an LED lamp can reach 50000 hours, and the LED lamp has no radiation.

Compared with an ordinary fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp has the following advantages:
1. Energy-saving.
2. Long-life LED lamp.
3. Good applicability. Single LED can be made into any shape due to its small size.
4. The short response time is ns (nanosecond) level response time, while the ordinary lamp is MS (millisecond) level response time.
5. Environmental protection, no harmful metal, easy to recycle waste.

The color is gorgeous, the luminous color is pure, the spectrum range is narrow, and can be mixed into seven colors or white light through the red, green, and blue primary colors.

Smart LED bulbs can significantly reduce the cost of use for families and businesses. It can connect to the local area network and communicate with smartphones or computers. People can use mobile phones or Wi-Fi to control the brightness and color of the light bulb remotely and even program the light bulb to achieve maximum energy saving.

High efficiency of light energy conversion
Smart LED bulb has higher light energy conversion efficiency than traditional incandescent lamps. For most incandescent lamps, the power per watt can only emit 5-20 lumens of luminous flux, and the fluorescent tube can emit 40-70 lumens per watt, compared smart LED bulb can emit 20-100 lumens per watt.

Intelligent remote control
People can use mobile phones or voice control assistant to control the brightness and color of the light bulb remotely and even program the light bulb to achieve the maximum energy saving purpose, such as turning off the power at a specific time of the day. For people who travel a lot, they can turn on or off the light bulb to scare off potential thieves.

Changeable light color
An intelligent LED bulb can easily change the color temperature of the light and can emit bright and soft light. You can also change the color of the light by combining the LED bulbs of different colors and adjusting the relative brightness between them.

App control
Just one app, you can easily turn on/off the lighting and do Schedule, change Colors, DIY scene mode, etc.


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