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This is because you haven't allowed the app to use your location data. You need to go to your phone's setting and set this permission. Please follow the instructions given below:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select "PlusMinus"
3. Open "Location" and select "While Using the App".
If you still have this issue after this please contact our customer service.
It may be as a result of your phone performance, If the app has not been launched for a long time, it needs to connect with the cloud when you log in again, so the device is displayed as offline. As the app is temporarily not connected with the device, it is not actually offline. It is a normal phenomenon, and you don't have to worry about it. Just like many apps require to buffer for a few seconds before displaying content, which is actually a process of connecting to the cloud. If this is not the case for you please read on.
This may also be as a result of your Internet connection. Please keep the bulb near by WiFi router and powered on. It will be back online automatically. If you have changed the WiFi SSID(WiFi name) or password, the device will not go online automatically, you need to reset the device and connect to the App by clicking "Add Device" and selecting your device then follow the steps to put the device in set up mode and reconnect it to the app.
To find devices, Echo needs to meet the following requirements.
1. Make sure that the app account binds with Echo and the account that the device is on are the same.
2. Make sure that the device is online. Devices can't be found if they are offline.
If device still can't be found, try using the web version of Alexa to search and control the speakers since Alexa app can be unstable in some regions.
All WiFi routers have a2.4 GHz band. If the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz share the same name, you should have noproblem connecting your device you can go try to add new smart home device.
If for some reason you are having trouble connecting your device to your WiFi router you can try the following.
1. Try to install the device further away from the WiFi router, outside the range of the 5Ghz (about 15 feet away) - where your phone's WiFi status bar isnot full. This way only the 2.4Ghz signal is detectable by the device.
2. You can use a mobile hotspot from a secondary mobile device toconnect the device, to do that first set the name of the hotspot and thepassword to be exactly the same as your WiFi router name and password. Turn offyour WiFi router so that the device will not try to connect to the WiFi routerinstead of the mobile hotspot, please note that all your other devices may tryto connect to the hotspot so you may need to power some of them off. Keep bothphones and your smart device close together and then connect your device usingthe hotspot. After it is connected, turn off your hotspot and turn on your mainWiFi router, the smart device will automatically connect to the main WiFi, asthey are the same name and password.
5 GHz band has faster speed, but shorter range compare to 2.4 GHz band. For a smart device, wider range is prioritized over speed.
There are smart devices which support both bands, but for most smart home devices, it is not cost effective to support an extra band which is not necessary for the device to function.
Verification code will beeffective for 30 minutes.
Unfortunately the smart device does not support the WiFi network which needs to login on a website. You should get a WiFi router, which is connected to the internet. Then you can setup the smart device.
Please note the following when adding devices:
1.Make sure the device is powered on.
2.Make sure the device is in setup mode(indicator light blinking).
3.Confirm that the device, smart phone and router are as close to each other.
4.Make sure the networkfunction of the router and smart phone are unblocked.
5.Confirm the enteredWiFi password is correct.
6.Make sure that yourphone is connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi band.
7. If your phone isusing a virtual private network (VPN) service, please turn it off while settingup the smart devices
8.Confirm that therouter's encryption method is WPA2-PSK and authentication type is AES, orboth are set up as automatic.
9.If the router has a lot of devices connected it may have reached the maximum number of devices allowed to connect, please try turning off somedevices' WiFi function and connect again.
10.If the router's MACaddress filter is enabled, please try removing the device from the MAC filterlist so that the router can allow the device to connected.
11.Make sure that the router has the DHCP service enabled. If it's not enabled, the address will be occupied.
12.If you're still not able to connect the device, please try connecting using the AP mode by following the instructions in the App. Please make sure that the device in AP mode when connecting using AP mode to connect the device.
This smart light bulb canwork with all the ordinary ON/OFF lamp, but not the 3 way lamp. The socket isdifferent, there is a short-circuit risk if you use an ordinary bulb. You caneasily change the socket to an ordinary ON/OFF socket to use our smart lightbulb. Then you can also dim it via app or by your voice via Amazon Alexa Echoand Google Home Mini.
· You can add multiple devices at the same time. Make sure they are all blinking rapidly,then just add them the same way as adding one device. After the devices are connected, you can give each of them a different name. You can control them individually in the app, or you can group them together with the group function and control them as one group.
· If it is hard to make them blink rapidly at the same time, you can install each of them in a different lamp and add them one by one in the app. Once a device is connected to your app, it will remember the WiFi name and password of the router in your house. Then you can unscrew it and install it in the place you needed. It will connect itself to the same WiFi automatically
· You also can group multiple same model devices to one group and control them together as one group. At the device's control panel, click the three dots at the top right corner, then choose 'Create Group', it will list all the devices which are the same model as this one.You can choose the ones you want to group and give the group a name. Then you will find this group on your device list, you can control this group the same as one device. Please note that if you are using Amazon Alexa, it does not recognize the groups created in PlusMinus app, you need use Alexa's group function to group different devices in the Alexa app.
Sorry, it doesn't workwith Z-Wave or zigbee. You just need to connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

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